Thursday, September 27, 2012

A child within

We all have a child within our hearts..
We still unintentionally hop, skip and jump down the stairs..
We get hyper-excited on seeing cotton candy and running trains in malls..
We still crave for chocolates and toffees as incentives..
We cry and bawl over the pettiest of things..
We still ruffle someone's hair to irritate them..
We still chase butterflies and aim at catching them..

We all have that innocent streak, hidden from the view of this big bad world, for fear of embarrassment. It's a worldly code to 'act your age', and we adhere to it as a strict norm. But sometimes, that child within surfaces. In the most alarming and unexpected situation, you reveal that squeaky voice, that docile look, that angelic demeanour.

Maybe, that's the real you.. Why hide it?

As Anis Mogjani said: "Children speak half English and half God"

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