Thursday, August 2, 2012


Has it ever happened that you are about to type a message to someone and you receive one from the same person the moment you pick your phone. You are thinking about someone and both your thoughts connect to form a common picture. You find the line busy because you are simultaneously calling each other. You know exactly where the person will be at a given time. You can visualize what he/she is wearing. You know which side of the road he/she will take.  You can imagine what it feels like to be in the other's shoe. You can judge their mood without interaction. And sometimes, you need not even know the person so well. And the irony is that even years of a relation may not lead to such a connection. Why does it happen so, is a question asked by many...

You don't really need sensory organs to reach out, to communicate with those you know, even with strangers. 

Telepathy is a scary thing. 

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