Thursday, July 5, 2012

Words of Wisdom


It feels so good to be surrounded by angels. They take all that pain away. They make you hear His word. "I have a mighty plan for you. Do not be afraid." Adversities come from all directions. Your own turn selfish. They discard you like hot coal. But then that is the difference between God and Man. Between unconditional and conditional love. 

Unconditional love is the love of God. It has no beginning and no end. He loved you even before you were conceived in your mother's womb. He loves you in spite of all your wrong doings. He accepts you as you are. He forgives you even after a lifetime of sin. His love never alters, its constant, unending. You can always seek refuge in His presence because you know he'll always be there.

Conditional love is human love. You know when it begins, you know when it ends. Never mistake parental love as unconditional. It began when your mother knew you were growing inside her. It would end, falter the day you disappoint her. Never mistake your partner's love as unconditional; there is a motive behind every relation on Earth. Never say you love your parents unconditionally. You bad mouth them the moment they oppose you. 

Love, is the most abused term in today's way of life. It is used for objects, materialistic pleasures, for every second person in life, for situations. Sit back, analyse, do you really 'love'? It takes a heart to love. It is not governed by physicality or by mental compatibility or by emotional stability. Do you respect what you love? Do you love something or someone with all their flaws, weaknesses put together? Ask a guy, would you love your girlfriend the same if she lost her legs in a train accident? He might say 'Yes' fuelled out of compassion, but wait till that accident happens. Ask a girl, would you love your mother who took care of you all her life if she got bedridden and useless. If the world said yes and followed up their promises, no one would be abandoned, dumped, left alone. 

There is hope in this world, of course. I have met a man who served his bedridden sons for 33 years of their life. I know of a couple who knew their kids would be born disabled and yet took the risk of bringing them into this world and raising them as normal individuals. I know of a husband who for 55 years serves his wife in a vegetative state with the hope that she would be able to look into his eyes one day. I know a wife who fought all odds including her family to stand by a man who had practically nothing to give her.
That is Love! Where you expect nothing in return. 

God sends us on Earth to fulfill certain duties. He makes man and wife come together to take care of each other. He gives parents to children to aid their upbringing. He gives the virtue of love to young hearts as a support system during their hormonal imbalances. He gives employment to those who need it. He gives you a house to shelter your head. But look at your life. You displease and hurt those around you. You do not give your best to your profession and expect it to pay you. You abandon the smaller house and buy a new and bigger one, leaving the old one unproductive. You talk behind people's backs, you generate rumors, and you lie. You abandon your parents for your spouse, you give your office more priority than your family. When you meet with an accident, it's your wife who'd serve you, not your boss. And the worst part, you are aware of your mistakes.

Never force God to regret his giving you those virtues. Even in this scientific age of today, I believe that there will be a Judgment Day. And it will be a really shameful turn of events when God himself says to you, "I regret giving you that wife/that child/that house/ that job. It would be really shameful if God tells a woman, I gave you that handicapped husband, my creation to take care of and you ran off to another man and disregarded your duty on Earth. He tells a suicide victim, I regret giving you that life Yes, He forgives. But He punishes too. And the day he does, no one escapes. 

It is thence important to value all that you have, all those you have. Calculate your time on Earth. You'll realise what a short and uncertain life this is. Probably that will stop you from making enemies and having a grudge on others. Probably that fear of a short life would instill a sense of responsibility in you. And those who fulfill his duties are forever placed in His Eternal Grace. 

So invite Him into your life and see the difference it makes. 

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SONIA said...

Teary eyed. It was so touching, Sherry! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice sentiment. Though there are things I do not understand. If God loves you only as much as a sinner then what worth is the love? What good then is life of virtue? Also if God does love everyone equally why then on the Judgment day will He punish some of us, isn't that putting a condition on the love?

The Wanderer said...

In that case go on sinning! You know you'll be forgiven, right?
Wrong! If he punishes the evil, he also rewards the righteous. And those rewards are much greater than what human senses can perceive or imagine.
About why he loves everyone equally - Imagine you have five kids (intelligent, average, adopted, disabled and a spoilt brat). You will eventually end up loving all of them equally in spite of their flaws because they are your children.

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