Saturday, July 7, 2012

Walking with a Stranger

It had been a really sad week for Amelie. It was exactly a year since her grandmother her passed away. Her boyfriend of 4 years had dumped her. She discovered that her father was having an extra marital affair. Her mum had left home for good. A doctor’s visit led to the discovery of a terminal disease plaguing her blood.

It was raining heavily. She loved getting wet in the rains. But today, she just wanted to hide herself from the world. The four walls of the empty house were getting to her. Every corner had so many memories. The bed where she slept with her grandma. The dining room where the family ate together. The kitchen where her mother always made her something delicious. That bedroom where she had once sneaked her boyfriend in. She stepped out of the doorway and sat on the stairs leading to the entrance.

And then he came out of nowhere, searching for something. He walked up to Amelie. “Where did he come from? Probably he is lost”, she wondered. She observed him. He didn’t hate the rain. He looked attractive. He had the loveliest warm hazel eyes. She touched his back and he slumped next to her, his feet on hers. In spite of being wet in the rain, his warmth was unmistakable. It was a week since Amelie had spoken over the phone with any of her few friends. She had not been able to cry her heart out, it had been ages since she had smiled or talked at length. He lifted his head and they looked into each other’s eyes. He gently licked a drop of water off her nose. She smiled.

They walked unknown roads. She talked, he listened. He kept by her right side, guarding her from the road. He couldn’t see her tears as she talked, the rain washed it all away. And as she talked, her heart felt lighter, her touch grew warmer. Soon she was laughing. She started enjoying the rain. She jumped into a puddle and splashed water all over him. He planted his muddy paws all over her jeans. They soon reached where they began. She hugged him for long and promised him that she would be back the next day at the same time. But he never turned up.

Amelie died peacefully two months after that day. . It was raining that evening as they took her coffin to the streets. The world bid her farewell, including those who had hurt her. And yes, he was there to see her off. But no one knew where he came from. Only Amelie knew him. And he knew she was gone.

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Vanilla Chic said...

Ahhhh I love love the last night. Beautiful punch :D

do stop by my blog when ur free :D

Kavya said...

You know, i had a doggie...had to abandon him...all life is abandonment, ne?
No matter what manner we make our exit in...
Loved it!

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