Friday, July 20, 2012

The Last Rites

Set a corpse on fire, the ashes remain. Bury the dead, the bones stay intact. Remnants stay behind every time, and the same applies to human relationships.

I am glad I could keep the promises I once made to you. The day you unexpectedly left, I thought a lot about all those dreams we wove together. All those places I had planned to take you to. All those planned explorations. All that was left incomplete.. I am a woman of my words, but I felt like a failure for not standing by those words. A future meeting was a bleak possibility. I didn’t know I’d see you again, ever.

The last rites have been performed. Nothing’s incomplete anymore. Everything is fulfilled. No new vows will be exchanged. No new feelings would arise. Everything has been burnt down to ashes. Ever heard of the dead rising? It only happens in soaps, not real life.

It’s up to me now – whether to keep you dead or alive. Probably, I’ll keep a part of you living. The part that says that you love and care for me. But I must kill that part which says no to commitments. That state of denial could kill what’s alive. Let’s bury it somewhere.

I saw a new dimension of ‘the end’ today. I saw a new beginning today. The start of something new, deeply rooted. For your best and mine.

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SONIA said...

The feelings are mutual. I guess time answers everything.

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of life, it's never late for a new beginning!

ReShMa said...

For the best ! Closure is always important !

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