Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some more letters

Letters from a heartbroken pessimist 

To my parents,
Haven’t you been through this age already? Then why snatch it from me? This is when I’d like to hang out with friends, go for dinners, dates, movies, places. Go on road trips, hikes, escape to new cities. You treated me like a kid all my life. In a matter of 5-6 years, you’ll marry me off and I’ll be a puppet to another set of individuals. Don’t I need my space, my own life? For how many times should I sacrifice, for how long? I have buried my ambitions for your regrets and mistakes. For how long should I go on pleasing you? 

To my best friend *****,
I know you need me a lot right now. The reason we understand each other is because our lives are so synonymous in nature. I don’t know you since your childhood, just a few years, and yet I can see a lot of myself in you. Wish I was around to make you smile and please you…

To my colony friends,
There are times I don’t know if you exist. I anyway don’t exist for you. How many memories do we have together anyway? After 3 years of being in a different city, we have become aliens. When you don’t please me, why should I?

To my boss,
Yes I cannot labour for 10-12 hours. I believe in delivering you quality work. Keep me if you trust me. I need the money, so I have no option but to please you.

To the guy who loved me dearly,
I don’t know what’s still in your mind. It’s going to take me ages to move on. Every time I see you I feel like holding you by your arm as if I possessed you. But the fact is I don’t anymore. Our good days outnumber the bad moments. Why do you pretend to have forgotten the dress I wore when… the names of places we ate at…why do you restrict yourself? Why don’t you shout at me, slap me, and speak what you truly feel? Where is the boy I fell in love with? Why this silence? Why can’t you stay for the sake of love, even though I failed to please you?

To the one who thinks he has a future with me,
Am I mad when I say we don’t? Haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘friendship’? I am not the solution to your loneliness. I am not ‘available’. I have reasons to not be with you – valid reasons. Like it or hate it, I will not please you!

To God,
Did you really create religions or are they a figment of human imagination? What kind of an intolerant religion am I following? I have unending faith in You, but your followers are nothing but fanatics and hypocrites. Why do they force me to pray when I talk to you several times in the day? Why do they term your gifts as unholy? Why can’t I please you, the way I am, the way I want to?

I am a person who prefers to have a few people in life. More the individuals, more the expectations. And I cannot please everyone. 

(And before you draw conclusions and judge me on reading this post, it's not my plight, but the plight of many I know)

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Siddhartha said...

To the heartbroken pessimist from the philosopher at heart : Calm down. I read the above letters and it seems you think everyone wants you to please them. Agreed, they want. But still, calm down. Life is not a curse that is thrust upon you. It's a blessing. Treat it like a blessing.

btw, it's just personal opinion.

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