Saturday, July 14, 2012


There was a time you shared everything - gossip and banter, free advice, cooking experiments, family issues, plates and spoons, mosquito tales, the moonlight, cellphones, books, good news, failures, photos and albums, families, sicknesses, drinks, work, home, train journeys... a lot more. But now, 

You think twice before holding that hand.
You think twice before keeping your head on that shoulder. 
Should I return that hug, that friendly peck?
You think twice before answering that call. 
Your smses have carefully chosen words. 
You think twice before seeming all concerned.
You think twice before taking the step ahead.
You hesitate on topics that you were once free about.
You think twice before sharing yourself with another person.
You think twice before committing.

Alas! What are these but restrictions. How long would these go on for..
One day, the heart will speak itself out. The actions won't be predetermined. And there won't be any regrets.. 

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