Thursday, July 12, 2012

Of selfish ties and intimate strangers

He: Why did you have to add that guy on your fb list. You know I hate him.
She: Who are you to stop me? It’s my choice.
He: Oh! So now I am a nobody.
She: Unfortunately. You chose it to be that way.
He: Wrong. It was you who forced me.
She: I only shared my feelings with you.
He: Feelings of separation, of seeing no future.
She: There could have been one, had you held on.
He: Why should I?
She: Right! You don’t even have the guts to claim me, to call me your own possession. And what can I give you anyway?
He: So, he is ready to claim you eh?
She: Yes. He is. But I am not waiting to be claimed. I can manage my own life.
He: No wonder, you moved on to another person as soon as I exited.
She: That’s your misconception. I didn’t invite anyone.
He: Oh! I was right then. There were many guys waiting for you.
She: The last time we separated, two girls asked you out!
He: I did not go. I had a dignity of my own.
She: You could’ve even said that it was because you truly loved me.
He: I still do.
She: What kind of a selfish love is this?
He: I cannot commit to you. I want to be a free bird. I have just started working. I have a bright future ahead of me.
She: Right! I do not have a place in your scheme of things. Anymore.
He: You do. You won’t understand.
She: I know. You don’t love me. You just feel bad about whatever happened.
He: Maybe. That too.
She: Hope an intimate stranger walks into your life soon.
He: Yours too. All the best.
She: But no one would be able to handle you the way I did.
He: The guy who walks into your life will either be an idiotic fool or a scheming fox. You won't find one better than me.
She: True. But time will tell.
He: Take care. Bye. 
She: Bye

They hugged and walked separate ways.

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