Monday, July 23, 2012

Is a girl better off unmarried?

Analyse this,

You are 25. You live in the city of Mumbai. You have not yet been on a boatride. You never sat by the sea staring at the sunset. You never jumped in puddles and enjoyed the heavy July rains. You never accompanied your best friend for dinner. You never tried a drink. You never wore a party dress. You do not know what a pub looks like. You are alien to slumber nights. You never took the local train beyond 8pm. You never trekked up to Elephanta or Kanheri.Worse, you never went to the nearby Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran. You never explored another city, in spite of having friends from all over the country. You never fell in love. You never got a friend home. You never ventured to watch a 9 to 12 movie show in a theatre.

On the contrary, you have been a regular scorer of good marks. You have never bunked a day of office. You chose the same place of work as your father. You swept, swabbed, cooked, put the clothes to dry whenever you were required to. You even agreed to spend the rest of your life with a stranger to make your folks happy. You always played the daughter, never the friend.
From a dutiful daughter to now being a dutiful wife...from frying pan to fire...
You spent 25 years of your life reporting to your parents, and the next 25 you'd probably report your husband. And after that, the cycle would follow with your own kids.

Imagine, if you choose to not marry.
You'll be earning for yourself. You'll be living life on your own terms and conditions. You can spend a greater amount to look after your parents in their old age. Once you are in command of your life, you can do all that you missed in your teens. You can take the last local home, party for donkey's hours, explore the big wide world which has so many sights to see. You can have a dig at love with no commitments. You can try those drinks, get hungover to your hearts content. You can indulge in adventure without fearing death or anyone losing you. You can live life again..

But the loneliness of the old age, who'll make up for that?
Well, you always wanted to keep a dog, a labrador. Trust me, they are much more loyal and low maintenance than men. Men want freedom, well cooked food, sex, babies, family life... A long list like what your parents wanted of you.
Adopt a child if you are financially stable. He/she will keep you company and even awaken your childhood.

For a girl who is reading this and who has enjoyed her childhood and teenagehood, would disagree with me. But ask someone who is craving to enjoy life, and the feeling would be mutual.
I love the idea of love , of marriage, I would love to have my own kids and family, but I love my life a lot more than that and I want to know what it's like to report to myself, for a change.

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cOnFuSeD sOuL said...

Totally agree! :) Nice post.One's innermost turmoil always surfaces irrespective of how tolerant and patient h/she is and it should also.

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