Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The human body

You want to see a miracle to prove God’s existence. Go face a mirror. See how carefully he has carved you. See how beautifully he has made every organ. How tactfully he has placed them. Observe how intelligently packaged your body is. What if your brains were really where your knees were? Or your visceral organs in your limbs? What if the positions of your ears and eyes were interchanged?

The formation of the human body is not just a product of evolution and survival. It’s an evidence of being the ‘Chosen One’. You could have been a bird, a lion, a mosquito with a life span of 24 hours or an elephant who could survive for over 150 years. But you were born a human. Your soul was assigned to this body, all for a reason. Why is man the only emotionally intelligent species? Why does he have the virtue of advanced speech and understanding? They say the DNA of man is 98 percent same to that of other organisms alive. Where did this difference of 2 percent come from? Is this what distinguishes him from an animal?

The Human Body is a wonderful gift if you ponder over it. Yet, we spoil its sanctity. We eat foods that harm us, indulge in harmful habits, insult our bodies. We don’t care about our appearance or probably care too much to ruin it. We rely on surgeries to sculpt us because we are dissatisfied with what was given to us. We face anorexia and obesity in spite of being born with the perfect weight. We smoke knowing that it will harm our lungs and shorten our lifespan. We drink endlessly and abuse that liver. We use drugs to elevate us mentally and emotionally knowing the consequences. We have sex with random strangers and give away the wonderful souvenir of virginity. We sink endlessly to get accepted, even if it meant attending orgies.  We indulge in dangerous stunts for money. We sell off our organs and other’s too earn a living. We pierce ourselves here there and everywhere. We paint our skins with inks and tattoos. And worse, we commit suicide and give up the blessing of being a human.

Be happy with what you have. Think about those transgendered individuals.  Whose bodies are afflicted by a failed mathematics of chromosomes? They accept themselves. They celebrate weddings and new births. They cry with you when someone dies. Man makes them feel ashamed, but they are still God’s children. They are a part of our society, our species.

Try and imagine being a speechless animal for a day, or imagine being dead you’ll realize that being a human is much better, and being alive is a virtue. The Human Body is a temple of God, think twice before you let anyone or anything snatch its purity away.

And if an addicted friend actually retorts and says “Lord Shiva smoked weed in a chillum, so what’s wrong?” just reply, “Because he was God, he was immortal. He won’t die of addiction, but you will.”

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