Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Graduation and some treasured gems

Its a damned wonderful life, however much we curse it. It always gives us reasons to pull on.
God seriously knows his timings well

Jul 30 2012: Results out. SIMC declares me a graduate

Aug 1 2012: Day 1 at work

and this day, sandwiched between the two is full of so many myriad thoughts.

Looking back at life and connecting the dots and everything fits so well into the jigsaw. Will find the missing pieces as years fly.
Happy, sad, excited, nervous, paranoid, curious, puzzled, hopeful, imaginative, sentimental, analytical - maybe that's what they called mixed emotions.

Flashbacks are not just seen in movies. They happen for real. I enter a tunnel. The tunnel has images of my first visit to Pune. My peer interface, my GD, my admission day, the first night in the hostel, the speech by AS, the orientation, Freshers, the lectures, the rewards, the punishments, the field trip to Panchgani, Radio One, the first times, the road trips, the outings with friends, the slumber nights, the cookery lessons, the dancing in the rains and long walks, the dread of 90 percent attendance and backlogs, the sucky mess food, the hostel terrace (needs a special mention), the make ups and break ups, the internships, Ahmedabad city, the shoots, the degree film, the photography sprees, the last days, the Farewell and after parties, the see offs and goodbyes, the conversations that followed, seeing the result online. I exit the tunnel.
The contract I signed 3 years ago, is now complete. Will get my dues in December at the convocation. That would probably be the last time I'd see some of them.

Right now, waiting to lay my hands on my marksheet! Arriving via courier in the next few days *greedy eyes*

And for those, who are still a part of the journey, my best wishes.

Reshma Philip - My Mallu! Why did I meet you only in the last year! I have so many lovely memories with you and not a single picture. Just waiting for you to come to India babe!

Trisha Das - I love you my roomie. You know I still have that video of you. Miss your screeching and our late night talks. Still remember the day I scared you by the window and the last day while running in the hostel corridor ;) Remember you every time I see momos or any chicken tikka thing and fish! And every time I see someone tipping salt over their food.

Kamalini Mukherjee - Tumne mujhe sab kuch sikhaya...except for Bengali :P My steady gf since semester 1. My motaa! Thanks for making me soup at 1am. For introducing me to all the right and wrong things ;)
I miss hearing your casanova like talks and golly! I miss your cooking. Will never forget Holi, or the drinks, or the road trip and homely times. And also that day when I found you slipped and fallen in the hostel bathroom, next to the commode. LOL!

Ruby Aunty and Shriman Uncle - For all the loving care. Thanks to you, I hardly missed my parents. I wish I could come to Kolkata right now and hug both of you. Such a lovely couple and such lovely parents.

Sonia Bajaj - Meri hateli, meri jaan! I seriously have no words to describe us. You used to called me your soul sister. We've been through the best and worst o f times and I am so happy that you are still an integral part of my life. An asset to have you in my life. Will miss you a hell lot when you go abroad. I don't know when I'll get the chance with you to ride on dark roads at 90kmph or even listen to your mall talks and senti stories. Do keep the non veg jokes coming for now. I love you.

Chirantan Mahajan - You're the best thing that's happened to me in my life.

Praween Uncle - For all the blessings and loving care. You inspire me to never discontinue my studies.

And there are many more wonderful people I met...

Anupam Siddhartha Sir - I don't think you'll read this. Thank You is an understatement.

Seema Khinnavar - My first friend at SIMC! I remember meeting you on day 1. I was there to see you off. My link with Mumbai. My nature trail partner.

Damechwa Mawnai and Ashish Chandra - My photography freaks. I have seen you grow to be the photographers you are today

Manish Baghel - An awesome semester, the BiG internship, the Mumbai local tales.

Kalpana Champawat - I still don't believe I met someone like you at a place like Symbiosis. I truly respect you.

Sumalini Mukherjee - I miss you kiddo!

Akanksha Srivastava - My mixed breed. My Jappy! Wish we could explore more food joints together

Prachi Makhija - You're conviction is commendable. Wish we had more time to know each other. 

Heena Dixit - For all the beauty tips and remedies.

Renita Bhowmick - For the wardrobe changes

Ashwin Mehendale - For breaking some misconceptions I had about guys and non actors.

Aishwarya Nair - My adorable junior whom I miss the most. I literally see glimpses of myself in you.

Abhibroto Roy - I never sampled your cooking, sadly! But I have some humorous moments to credit you for.

Sanyukta Iyer - For being a constant companion through my school and college life at Udayachal, Xaviers and Symbi

Vageeesh Bhan - I hope your mom will stop the comparisons now that its over.

Hiren Naresh - For letting me raid your movie collection

Leshna Thakur - I am just so happy for you

Aprajita Kalyani - I admire your loyalty

Maria Mohammad - I haven't met someone as creative as you at hostel table art!

Himanshu Singh - For your constant guidance and helping me explore Ahmedabad

Marushka Monette - For all those lovely handmade cards and all your awesomeness

Soumyadeep Roy - Lavasa and the pudding recipe

Milinda Ma'am - My agony aunt, my window to the lovely world of art, my inspiration to positivity.

Nadi Ma'am - For making me the writer I am today.

Yogesh Mathur Sir - For making me fall in love with cinama and introducing me to films made before I was born.

Ajay Zad Sir - If you were around in the admin office, I would have come all the way to Pune to collect my result.

Sagar Kamath Sir - For the awesome field trips and treks

Dilshad Panday Ma'am - I love you for that lecture till 1am in college.

Shubha Ma'am - For giving me my first project and a great deal of exposure

Chandrashekhar Sir and Edwin Sir - For all the trouble shooting

 (The list is endless...)

Wonder what the flash forward holds, don't we all :)

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Anonymous said...

I did not expect my name to feature in this list. This means so much to me, it is indescribable. I must say it was great fortune and a privilege to have worked with you and fostered a friendship. I wish you a joyous personal life, enriching professional life and everlasting relationships. All the best for your job! And I hope you keep writing wonderful blogs.

ReShMa said...

That was touching , really ! i enjoyed every bit of that last semester with you ! our terrace visits , our fridge raids ,cooking chicken for uncle and aunty, oor heart to heart conversations , EVERYTHING ! you are one of the best things that happened to me this year sherry , and your someone i will never forget !

i love you !

as for pictures , soon ;)

cOnFuSeD sOuL said...

You stroke the right chord. Thank you for always been there and those wonderful B331 memories. :)A roller coaster ride which was totally worth it. FOODIES, forever. ;)

nadi said...

All the very best for a wonderful future, Sherry.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

It is strange that the whole admission process for mass communication UG course was kept very secret with a number of students waitlisted. This has created doubts.. Pse clear it.

Sherry Italia said...

Ok anon! Don't know what you're talking about

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