Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Fear not, dear heart, you’ve nothing to lose..
Fear brings stagnancy to life. You won’t travel by train because the previous day a lakh people were killed due to bomb explosions at railway stations at the peak hour. You lost your father to droning, so you’d never venture close to the water. You fell off a cycle once, so you’ll never learn cycling. You have a past life regression towards fire, so you restrain yourself from cooking in this lifetime.  You fear what the world would think of you if you joined a bartending course. You fear the society and its opinion of you when you walk arm in arm with a stranger on the streets of your colony. You fear your kids would go astray, your spouse would cheat on you. You fear being bullied by your siblings. You fear mingling with your troublemaker relatives. You fear approaching the police against an errant auto driver. You fear your boss and treat him like a deity. You fear trying a new product on your skin even though it promises you great results. You fear eating, lest you put on weight. You fear your loved ones travelling alone at night. You fear harmless insects that are probably scared of you. You fear conversations, confrontations. Your fear is the bigger problem. It makes mountains out of tiny, almost invisible mole hills. Fear can cause you regrets in the future.
Five years ago, someone dear to me advised me on the importance of listening to one’s heart, because the human mind can get finicky, but your heart never guides you wrong. Every goal will bring its obstacles, its associated weaknesses, fears. Be frank with your choices and emotions. Wear that gold chain in public. Board that crowded bus. Book the next ticket on that roller coaster ride. Get wet in the rain. Go study mountain goats or piranhas. Go, listen to your heart!

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cOnFuSeD sOuL said...

Only two emotions exist in this Universe- Love and Fear, and from them originates all the other emotions and feelings.These two are the exact opposite of each other, yet in order to cherish joy one needs to taste sorrow first,in order to relish freedom one needs to experience captivity.Its only after a dark night that we appreciate a sunny new morning. :) Hence, fear is also vital before we experience love.

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