Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The duality of self

A conversation between the Yin and Yang within me…

I accept all the dirt you throw at me
I live through all those painful lies
I can afford to pardon all those hurts
I know what numbness feels like

It’s difficult to trust and fall in love again
It’s impossible to mend all that’s broken
It’s impractical to forgive and forget
How can you say then, you know what numbness feels like?

What’s the use of all these grudges?
What’s the point of holding on?
Why must I be ignorant and foolish?
When I know what numbness feels like

The grudges will guide your tomorrow
Forgiveness will ruin more lives
It’s not ignorance, but face the truth
They know not what numbness feels like

I feel trapped and burdened
Let go off me
I have too short a life
I wanna be free

The past will follow you
Dare try erasing it
Don’t you know you’re trapped forever
In this dark & vicious pit

Nay, I have a new tomorrow
Nay, I see a bright light
Nay, I see no fear, no bondages
Nay, no pain, no numbness

Whose promises do you back on?
These are visions far from real
Face yourself in a mirror and see
You’re not as numb as you claim

If they are a delusion, so be it
I’d rather live in virtual bliss
Or make those dreams a factual truth
A life woven anew

Go and weave new memories
Go and live your dreams
Go on then and I’ll trail you
You can’t escape sorrow and pain

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Himankur said...

touched!! :)

The Wanderer said...


Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Yin, sometimes you need to look in the mirror and face the reality. So who wins for you?

The Wanderer said...

I am more of Yang! Whoever wins, you can't get rid of the loser. As long as you live, you have to live with both.

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