Friday, June 1, 2012


Difference in opinions, yet united in thoughts
Cryptic to the world, molded in a bond intangible

Closets with skeletons, yet open as mirrors
Naive little beings, yet shrewd to others

Blossoming buds, yet fully bloomed in ecstasy
Speaking forever in silences, hidden languages

Glowing in the ether of love, yet lost in the dark
Platonic healers, yet lasting emotional pillars

Believers in freedom, yet a sense of commitment
Dreamers of the present, vagabonds of the future

Free aliens, yet bounded by social conformities
Grounded to the Earth, yet flying away together

Not one in blood, yet in affinal union
Inherently incoherent, yet deeply bound spirits

No wonder we call them 'Soulmates' 

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Kavya said...

OOH, i love this one!
It's the style you've stuck to...with two lines, two the allusions! :D

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