Friday, April 13, 2012


Whoever said, 'It was meant to last'. Everything in life has an expiry date, even life itself. Today you are the Winner, the crowd praises you, cheers you, trail you wherever you go. Tomorrow you are reduced to dust, the crowd disappears too. The definition of 'friends', 'companionship', 'love' seem to change and redefne themselves all over again. Such is life.

But, those who are meant to stay, will stay. Through thick and thin. Through the stormiest of nights and dullest of days. They won't whimper when calamity strikes. They'll not doubt, they'll not question. They will infuse the faith you may be running out of. They will led their shoulders for you to lean on. They will bring back the missing laughters.They will heal the wounds of the past with fresh memories of the present. They will find you reasons for anything and everything. They will give you a new dimension to life when all seems at standstill.

And if you have even one such person in your life, call yourself lucky, coz 'They' are a rare species.

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xyzandme said...

That one person is oneself. No one can be with you better than one self.

The Wanderer said...


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