Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Positivity is a way of life

Positivity motivates
Positivity is like a shield against hatred and malice
Positivity barriers those tears
Positivity lets you dream
Positivity makes days fruitful
Positivity brings cheer
Positivity is a state of mind
Positivity could be a loner's paradise
Or even an extrovert's charm
Positivity exudes an aura of itself
Positivity never lets you shatter in the worst
Positivity makes you feel special
Positivity lets you live when the world wants you dead

Such a beneficial trait, yet so rare

2 scribbling(s):

xyzandme said...

But in the real world its usually,
Positivity* motivates...

*conditions apply.

The Wanderer said...

All good offers come with a *conditions apply

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