Friday, April 27, 2012

Jumbled in my head

I am sitting by my bed side. 10000 words of a dissertation loom over my head.
Thankfully it's a holiday.

And all that bothered me is soon coming to an end. The feelings are so mixed. Sadness on account of some wonderful memories. Happiness on account of newer beginnings. Uncertainties in the air. Excitement and paranoia. Optimism and pessimism. The joy of living at home, the nostalgia of the hostel room. The craving for edible food. The feeling of doing everything, being places, eating a dish, for 'the last time'. The relationships that we abide by, wonder how many would last. Promises of staying in touch, attending each other's weddings, hanging out together. So easy to say. So cumbersome to fulfill.

I don't know what the future holds. I can't seem to be content with the present. Call me ambitious. No. I am just hard to please. I demand different. I am too picky and choosy. A flexible perfectionist, they call it.
My ideas of the ideal career, the ideal income, the ideal companion, the ideal family, the ideal future. I need all the possible patience on my platter. Or maybe, I just need to give up all worldly desires and meditate in the mountains

It's too short a life to complicate with trivial thoughts. And humans don't cease to be complicated. 

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