Sunday, January 22, 2012

I thought I heard the phone ring..

A night of silence and coldness. I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling - white, spotless, untouched..

I longed for company, if not that, a voice to draw me from my lonely shell of thoughts. A soothing tone to take away my fear of darkness, a warm hug to protect me from evils lurking in the ungodly hours, a hand that would keep mine warm in the wintry mist. I yearned for moments of privacy, but ended up receiving lonesome nights. I prayed to Him and shared my fears, He looked into my eyes and quietly listened. I could not but have anyone around, even if I wanted, even if they wanted. Life behind the bars does not leave you with that choice. 

My eyes darted towards the lifeless piece of metal on the table. It lay as calm as ever. Not a flicker of light, not an ounce of movement. It lay motionless as a statue, deep in slumber. I lifted it with hopeful eyes. Was this longing mine alone? Would my eyes be greeted with words of love. Was a voice waiting to reach my ears and say 'I miss you, wish you were here...'

Alas! The longing was mine, alone.

Yet, why does it feel like I thought I heard the phone ring?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

After many many experiences...

Sometimes I wonder if I am your lucky charm or a jinx.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plans for afterlife

She: "Can you come over for two minutes, please? We need to talk."
He: "About what?"
She: "Something serious"..."I wanted to clear somethings out.. about our passing away"
He: (guffaws) "Conversation postponed. I still have many years to live."
(looks hopefully towards the uncared for newspaper lying on the table in the hall)
She: "You think I am on a suicide mission. In case of an accident, you idiot!"
He: (Walks over to the kitchen hesitantly) "Okay. Shoot."
She: " You remember you said on the day of our engagement, that after we die we would fly to the Everest together. Does that still hold?"
He: "Hmmm...Meet me near the cigarette seller. Yes. I will meet you there and then we'll plan."
She: "Hmm...Ok fine, that's later on. What if one of us is left behind?"
He: "You can write me a beautiful obit in that newspaper  (points to the table)
(She grasps his hand knowing that he would soon dash towards the paper and avoid her conversation)
She: "I will ask Baby to write you one. After all, she is gonna be a great writer one day"
He: "Like you! And.... you can also use my laptop....or maybe your future husband can."
She: (crestfallen) "You are giving me the permission to re-marry. I am not giving you the leeway."
He: (makes a sad expression)
She: (pauses and thinks) "Ok. You can marry. But take care of Baby. See that she takes her piano lessons. Make her custard every Sunday."
He: "Alright alright!...Now can I go."
She: "Take care of mummy and papa. I will take care of aai baba."
He: "Ya!"... "And if you can, take some laughter sessions, it will help you calm your nerves"
(He lets go off her and goes to the hall, and picks up his beloved newspaper)
She: (shouts) "And I want to be decked up like a bride on burial day"
He: "You can burn me like the normal way!"
She: "I won't. And visit my grave on my birthday!"
No answer from him.

That was so easy. Their afterlives lay sorted out...But one question lingered on in her mind...

She: "Hey! There must be so many cigarette sellers up there. What If I don't find you? Give me the exact description"
He: "I will be wearing my black shirt. The one I wore when we first met."
She: "Bah! Too many people love black. Any other sign"
(He senses the insecurity in her tone. He leaves his newspaper and comes over to the kitchen)
He: " Tell me one thing...What sign did you have when we met in this life?"
She: "Ummm...nothing. I lost my heart to you and married you against all odds."
He: "Precisely."
(He bent over and looked deeply into her eyes)
"Just carry your heart along. It has all the signs, encoded."