Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Xavier's... Where you form the most lasting unions: Part 1

Chappel building

Library and classrooms

Main building and entrance

Terrace classrooms

The 'Woods' =)

Hostel building

Xavier's... Where you form the most lasting unions: Part 2

My girl gang... Miss those days

French faculty

Ghiara Sir - The best Chem professor and 12th class teacher

Writer Ma'am with her plants - Botany

Sandhya Ma'am - Maths

Verona Ma'am - English literature dept.

Jayant Prabhu - Chem pracs

Bhombal Sir - Organic Chemistry

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stolen memories

She had planted a cherry seed when she was 19. It grew in the arms of her love. Every morning she caressed the dew on its leaves before she left from home and every evening kissed it goodnight. She felt like the Creator, every time she saw it blooming in glee. She captured him in her mind’s eye and clicked him as he grew.. inch to inch.

It soon bore thorns as it grew. They pricked her soft fingers but she did not let out a sigh. She talked to it every night before she slept. She had read somewhere that plants grow better when you talk to them. She cried out her sob stories, shared instances of her first kiss, her escapades with friends, her craze for ball dance and ballet…

Soon the land was sold off to a hotelier. The house was brought down, the garden with all the lovely greens torn apart. But her love was so strong that her cherry plant lived on. Not a leaf torn, not a stem harmed. He continued to flourish at the same spot. The only difference being a huge iron barricade between them.
She had a picture of him under her pillow. She had clicked when he had turned four. Sigh! If only that picture had the two of them, her mind conjured. She was worried. Would he wither away in the absence of her touch? It had been a few months, he looked pretty fine.. though she was not. She needed the feel of that smooth green foliage on her palms, her lips thirsted for the dewdrops on its bosom. She was withering away in mind and body, being separated from her only true companion…

One day, in her deathly footsteps, she staggered onto the pavement across the hotel. She saw her darling greeting the sun with his arms – now broader. She heard him giggling as another gardener teased him with the sprinkler. He shed some flowers for her to wear in her hair. Soon after she was tired, she settled in his abode of shade and cuddled close to him.

She stood pale at the sight, satisfied as a Creator, but heartbroken as a Lover.
The pictures were already clicked and all she could do was change the faces in her head…

Monday, December 19, 2011

Karmic connection

That's what we share...and maybe that's the reason why however much I try to discard your memories, they continue to stalk me over and over again...