Sunday, April 10, 2011

A message from heaven

As I gave my first confession to the priest, I wanted to cry, I didn't
As I saw the smile on my mom's face after receiving Communion, I wanted to cry, I didn't.
As my parents left today, I wanted to cry, I didn't.
As I came to know of my role swapped, my dialogues and practices in vain, i wanted to cry, i didn't.
A tiff, a switched off phone, I had no one to talk to, I wanted to cry, I didn't.

And then I read the following mail

Dear Sherry
This is just to wish you for today. Meher Baba wants to send you a special blessing so that your life will be happy - that you will always continue to be your honest, vibrant and active self , just as you are today . Please know that Baba is with you on this day - He has come forward to wish you all the very best in life.  He will always try His best to make things good for you - with your work, with the guy you love, and with your parents too. Please know that He will be your support system and always be standing by for you .

 Love Karl.

And... I could not stop myself.

*Karl Umrigar, the deceased son of Mrs. Nan Umrigar. She sent me Karl's message, in an email...

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