Saturday, March 26, 2011


Some conversations with near and dear ones. 

"Let's go out and eat something."
"No. Please. I feel like being home today."

"Hey let's watch a movie this Sunday."
"Whoever wakes on Sunday before noon? Get real."

"I love the way she teaches. So interesting. How can you sleep in her class?"
"I wonder how you manage to stay awake for that torturous session."

"Teach me how to drive. I wanna learn."
"I can't put your life at risk"
"Why? You think I won't be a good and sensible driver?"
"I don't trust the other nerds on the road. What if something happens to you?"

"Let's go for lunch to Changs."
"I want to eat in peace when I go there. One hour of a lunch break, eating in a rush. Chuck it na."

"That shirt is so tacky!"
"Shut up! You have no sense of fashion. It looks sexy."

"When will you ever learn to mature and talk sense?"
"I don't get your definition of maturity."

Some conversations make you feel so opposite to the people you are close to. Such an odd person out. Such a mismatch.
Yet, such ties are stronger than that of two like minded mortals.

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