Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A blast from the past

Once upon a time, a very timid and loyal wife came across a letter in her husband's cupboard as she was looking for his keys... It read...

Dear Boyfriend,

It has been around 18 months since we have been dating each other. I know all about your past and that this has been the steadiest of all the flings and/or serious relationships that you were in. I am proud of that. I am proud of us.

I browsed through your profile the other day on a popular social networking site. Alas! out of curiosity. I came to know of details of your life, two years prior to me. I wondered, is this the guy I fell in love with? The change was for the greater good. I kept mum. I read on. Being the possessive bitch that I am, I kept a look out for special dedicated pieces of text. Call me sly!

"Just proposed a girl and got rejected"
"Is in a relationship and it is complicated"
"Had a break up and feels like yayiee!!"
"Is now single"

Then followed some comments. Comments which I thought were kiddish. The kind of language that
you reprimand me for today.The kind of immaturity that pisses you off. Felt good to know that you were once like me.
A lot of posts by girls. You were so much in demand indeed and so flirtatious too. You wrote a little blog for someone, 'liked' the worst of photos. So not You!
Sigh! you so detest those very people, who are (still) in your friend list today.

I came across some of my comments. I used a lot of caps lock and dots. How aesthetically unpleasant. I deleted some. They were too lame.

I did all this, not because I had ample of time, but just to know you better. A realization that you have changed drastically, for your own good. I don't think I would have fallen in love with that guy two years ago.

But then...I asked you out first. You were taken. I became the cause of bitterness. The third person, knowingly, unknowingly. I ruined pleasant memories, put an end to the good times. You stopped me and encouraged me. And everything shattered. You, her, me...
Though I always wanted it to be that way... was I ever the girl you fell in love with? Or did you just compromise for my happiness that day? Did I force you into something?

It does not really matter. I know you love me more with every passing day. That even if you didn't feel for me back then, you do now. That you were my first love and I pray t'will be 'our' last.

Love you :*

Your nth Girlfriend

Smiling, she grabbed the bunch of keys and headed towards the main door to hand it over to him. As she coyly blushed to herself, "Can't believe I married him! Can't believe its 18 years!"

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SONIA said...

Hmm.. I guess a smile is enough to explain what I feel after reading this. :)

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