Monday, February 21, 2011

These days of loneliness

These days of loneliness have taught me more about myself. My inner strengths and weaknesses. What I can live with and what I claim I can't live without.

These days of loneliness have taught me about people. How much they have been there. About circumstances and selflessness.

These days of loneliness have made me intolerant, increasingly moody, maybe even fussy. Taught me on adjustments and sacrifices and the importance of patience.

These days of loneliness have healed some wounds, made me immune to some hurts. Made me love and hate. Made me laugh and cry.

These days of loneliness are not what I sought, they just keep coming. Brought me closer to those I distanced myself from. New ties beckon, old grudges fading.

These days of loneliness, show me what life would have been had you not been. Made me love you more and miss you less.

These days of loneliness, I wish they would fly.

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