Friday, February 11, 2011

The masked maiden

Embracing the front, stabbing the back
A countenance of sweetness vast
A body of lies, a mind of a traitor
Shielding shadows of the past

Covered with the veil of innocence
Wearing the mask of hypocrisy
Her closet full of hidden skeletons
Twisted tales with sheer intricacy

Living in an ignorant, indifferent bliss
Tears that put crocodiles to shame
That smile worth a broken heart
Seeking sympathy, her favorite game

What did she gain cheating her own?
Gifted with money, love and looks
Now called sly, shrewd and cunning
Her life defies the open books

How many mortals yet to be fooled?
How long would those tactics survive?
How many stinging revelations until
One day someone would burn that hive

2 scribbling(s):

Himankur said...

keen observation...keep it up..budding shake"speare"..:P

SONIA said...

The worst part is when you encounter one such person... :/

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