Sunday, February 20, 2011

In him, I see you


When I saw him exchanging rings, I remembered the first time I held him in my arms. That twinkle in your eye as you pulled his soft red cheeks. Those eyes, fish shaped like yours. My dark brown hair with your tiny curls. My nose and your lips. My complexion and your frame. Our blood. Our newborn.

He gurgled in a muffled tone. His tiny pink fingers just long enough to hold your fingers. Your hand that never grew too big for mine, your arms his fatherly abode. How his crankiness diminished with that touch! I had a tear in my eye, it was joy. Our bundle of joy.

The journey that started from the first time he uttered 'mamma' and your desperation to hear him call out to you as well. The days when you carried him on your back and fulfilled his never ending demands. His schooling and college years, from a rebellious teen to a mature adult. Sneaky dates with his college sweetheart, now ending in blissful matrimony. A mamma's boy or a papa's pet?

30 years have flown by, I see glimpses of you, of me, of us. I see in him my patience and your tact, a mix of your aggression and my submission, my practicality and your emotions, my sense of adventure and your notions of safety. Your love for food and my love for art. Our genes, a hybrid indeed.

Most importantly, a living replica of the man I shared wedding vows with 35 years ago. At this very church, at this very time. The man of my life who promised to hold my hand lifelong, whose shoulder still supports my withering frame.

The most wonderful gift of my life that you gave me... My son.

I Love You 

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Ayesha said...

This is one of the best things you've written.

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