Saturday, February 26, 2011


The innate madness of living on your whims and fancies; she was alien to it. Claimed to be valued, meant to be taken for granted. Her day decided by others, her dwelling chosen by fate. A wanted company or an unwanted bother; it depended on 'them'. She was busy for the day when 'they' needed her. Else lost and forgotten in an enclosure 12 ft x 14ft x 10ft. Her own little space? No, a shared one. She taught lessons of self-worth to others. Her own dignity in shambles. The war between dignity and the fear of hurt and loss; every moment a battle. She lost both ways. Who gained? Pleasing others, her motive her only source of joy. That acknowledgment, a gifted boon.   

Her life was never her own. A puppet in the hands of others. Every moment, a compromise.
Was it patience that keeps her going or was it the silence before a storm?

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