Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woo Girls

This post has been inspired by so many observed situations!

Woo girls
They have no agenda, no business. Dignity and self respect? They stick to any random guy, smooth talk in a flirtatious voice and try wooing them. Looks may be an added advantage. Some philanderers even fall for it. They maybe even fake injuries to gain sympathy. Attention is like an Oscar to them. Boyfriend stealers, attention seekers, cry babies, tragedy queens, smooth talkers, gossipers, complaint boxes, I have so many synonyms in mind for them.

Even a guy's disinterest does not deter them. They are on a mission. They have to sit less than an inch away, cling to that arm, make that innocent baby face, widen those pupils and speak in that slow husky tone. They sound so hurt, wounded and deep in trouble. They seek a favour that 'only that guy' can do. He is her 'ultimate Messiah', her 'Saviour'. Needless to say, its a favour they can very well do unto themselves.

To think I see them everyday, in every couple of hours. I detest them, and so does every 'Un-Woo girl'.
And I truly respect those guys who portray they have a spine when it comes to this afflicted species.

Does it bother me? Not really, but I so hate calling myself a girl when I see 'em!

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