Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tunes of the past

As someone told her, "Music weaves an aura of magic." She held the flute up in the light and saw it reflect the shades of the lamp. Raising it to her lips she played a lyric of the past. Low, mellifluous tunes filled the room gently. The night was filled with soul-stirring melody. She felt the music draw her into a world unknown. It seemed familiar, maybe a half remembered song. She couldn't get it out of her head, neither stop playing the flute.

An alien language rose unbidden to her lips. She had never heard of such a language before, but she knew it fluently. Vivid images flashed through her mind. The intensity of the music increased. She began singing with the music, deeply lost in the alien language. Those images...fires raging across settlements, files of warriors rushing down the hillside, spears shining like a beacon of despair, ebony dark eclipsed suns. No one was certain about friend or foe. Lives were at stake. She could feel the heat and taste of blood. She played on...

The daze broke.
The lyrics lost.
The tune disappeared.

She twirled the flute between her fingers. Sighed deeply. There were so many mysterious things happening around. Was there any escape from it all? Any escape from the tempest raging within her?

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