Monday, January 3, 2011

The revelation

I stood on that precipice...alone
A soft padding of an animal in the distance reached my wary ears. An almost silent clip clopping, blown away by the wind. I could sense hard hooves strike the cold turf. The ephemeral whisper of the soft swishing cloak stirred the air for a moment.

"Why are you leaving? I know what gnaws at you. You are intimidated, are you not?" My quiet alto voice quavered in question.

"Shai"... I heard a soft voice followed by a deep sigh. A sudden ear splitting neigh filled the air alongwith a thudding of hooves like descending claps of thunder. I turned around only to catch a glimpse of those grey green eyes, fair face and dark hair whipped by the wind. Those cherry red lips where many a smiles had lingered. Both rider and horse rode of like a thunderstorm on the wind. An endless rhythm against the lifeless terrain. Galloping away into the darkness of the untamed land, into the unseen depths of time.

Anne...My other world companion...

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SONIA said...

Dara diya be! :/ :P J/k.. I really liked this one! :D

Neil said...

whoa!! don't ask for words, i don't have any!!

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