Friday, January 7, 2011

The rebel

He was hated by many. For his slapstick remarks. For his rude demeanor. They knew of his ignorance, not his intellect. They had probably decided to outcast him. He belonged to no social circle. He didn't need one. Self contentment was his pride, dumbness a turn off. He loved sitting under red lights, lonesome and lost. Indulgences, he had many. He lived for himself. He had a secret hideout, no one knew where he came from. Discreet as a ghost. An enigma in human form. Mysterious, weird, different. Notorious eyes, vicious looks and an eerie aura about him. Rumors were rampant on his various escapades. So many gossips credited to him. He was a fascination for the curious, non-existent for the rest. Emotions alien to him, a heart of cold burnt embers. Guys warned their female friends to stay away from him. A worthless loser, they called him.

But, in my eyes, he was perfect...

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