Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The old flame

An anecdote from a typical school life...

They were the best of friends. Classmates teased them with each other's names. No apparent reason. Just some common traits and interests. They were both studious, competed for the first rank every exam, had their share of cold wars. They were both front runners in any extra curricular event. They were both victims of partiality. They were predicted to lead as the head boy and the head girl too. But fate had other plans. They were in the same house, continuous in roll numbers and heightwise lines. They stayed in the same colony, played together every evening. All the more reasons for others to link them.

As school life ended, they parted. Each went their own way, pursued their life and had their share of growing up in different environments. They had lost track of each other completely...until fate brought them together 3 years later. They exchanged greetings, got talking and ridiculed those kiddish days. Ahh! they were still studious, had just chosen different fields. They shared experiences, familial, academic, personal. Distance had not really changed ties between them. The only difference was two matured minds interacting instead of two kids. They both had their respective crushes in college and were clueless on how to take things forward. Life had drastically changed for them. One was the other's agony aunt. They gave each other a guy and a girl's perspective respectively on relationships. They both needed the 'opposite-sex opinions'.

They pondered, "What if they had really been together?", only to realise the horrors - culturally, ideologically and yes, different futuristic goals. "It would be a disaster! We are better off as friends. Don't even think about this again!" They laughed their guts off as they imagined some of those possible funny moments.

The conversation veered from their lovelives to cities, to family life relatives, common friends, reunion plans, dogs, recently read books, music, hostels, college, courses, future plans and blah blah. It felt so great catching up after ages.

An intimate childhood friendship does not really warrant for a successful lover's equation. Distance does not impact the approachability and compatibility of good friends. And change, that is inevitable. But, the transition can be both awkward and confusing and unwarranted...
From a spark of friendship to an old flame.

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SONIA said...

This holds true in almost every person's case. Loved this post. Keep it up! :D

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