Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Milestones matter

A century ago, I set out on a journey...

A journey of encounters good and bad.
Of experiences, rewarding and enriching.
Of strangers and the known.
Of stories, real and virtual. Of shadows of the past.
Of future interpretations.
And, ahh! the glorious present...

A journey of likes and dislikes.
Of myriad dreams and harsh realities.
Of laughters and joys, sadness and tears.
Of practicaly, of emotions.
Of gathered gems and castaway stones.
Of hardcore facts and heartfelt opinions.
A perfect blend of fact and fiction

An insightful journey on life and death.
On both simplistic ideas and complicated thoughts.
On characters dreamt and inspired by real.
Of memorable lyrics and haunting images
Of undying love and unconditional friendships.
Of introspections and daily rants.
I walked little by little every day.

A century ago, I set out on a journey...
And today, I have reached a milestone

Cheers to a 100 Wandering Quests =)

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