Sunday, January 23, 2011

A letter from a well wisher

Dear Mai,

It's the 10th day since you have gone. There is a wedding going on in the family. Preparations are on in full swing. I sent a card. I can't go for the wedding. Don't want to. Every time I see them, I remember my last meeting with you. Maazor an Nevul are also not going. 

Something is wrong with your 'baie'. She can't think straight. She has become very temperamental and pessimistic; cribbing and frustrated. She hates people around her, prefers being left alone. She feels hurt easily. She cries a lot when she remembers you. She hardly talks, smiles in class. She sits quietly and listens and observes the people around her. She wishes she could meet you. So many things around remind her of you. Off late, she has been annoying many people with her dumbness. She has been confusing many with her changed attitude. She gives up easily in testing times. She can't sleep in peace at night. She is disturbed. She doesn't know why this sudden swing has overcome her. She was so bubbly, jolly; such a go-getter. She has lost that passion somewhere.  

She is turning 20 tomorrow. Yes, that same toothpick, thin and tall, fair little infant you held in 1991. That same clumsy kiddo who you chased around the house. That cranky girl who got your Maazor late to office everyday. Maazor and Nevul would come in the evening to meet her for about 3-4 hours.  She had decided, she won't celebrate this day, 10 days ago. They know that. There may be a lot of buzz and wishes in college. She is not even bothered about the day. She has planned to be alone, it's her preference. She has a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Wishes that she has gradually given up on. It's just another day for her.

Maybe you can see her through all this. After all, she is the apple of your eye. Protect her and take care of her. Help her get out of it...the fake smiles and happiness. Help her get out of trapped bonds.The people around her, have tried and are fed up. Maybe its only you who can drill some sense and life into her. Before she fades away. 


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