Saturday, January 8, 2011


He sat staring at the raging sea. A tempest of emotions surged with the crashing, noisy waves. The balmy summer breeze blew across and ruffled the waters gently. They ran through the curls of his hair. Like her fingers they ran from his ears to the back of his neck. Her caressing hands, the warmth of her palms on his face. The grains of hot sand were no comparison to her fiery touch. A gust of wind lashed out at him. He felt a strong need to be held, held close, protected and comforted. Silhouettes of soul-mates holding hands went past him. They were probably collecting shells. Each wave crashed into his memory lane. He wanted to hear that soothing voice, but cackling of gulls greeted him. He wanted to feel her presence with all his senses. He shut his eyes to the real world. How miserable it had become!

Just then, he felt a warm hand on his. He turned to his side, meeting her eyes. She was ethereal. She drew him closer and whispered sweet nothings in his ears. Her tresses caressed his face. A familiar scent hovered about him. The pleasant aura he was longing for. He blinked in disbelief. She kissed his forehead lovingly. Smiling, she wiggled his cold nose with hers. He felt warmer. It lasted a moment. Soon enough, the scent was diminishing, the palms of her hands retreating, the smile fading...
And then, she disappeared into the mist.

The waves receded into the depths of the ocean, just like life had receded into the depths of no return.
Tears streamed down his eyes, as he stared at that silver ring on his finger, reminiscing the promise of walking together forever.

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