Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And time flies...

She woke up in his arms to the mellow rays of dawn. The shimmering sun light was caressing his face. As he slept to the tunes of chirping swallows, she gazed at him. Those eyes, like limpid pools of molten amber. That calmness in his expression, as if lost amidst a peaceful virtuality. She leaned over and kissed his forehead. How innocent he looked while asleep!

His eyelids flickered. He was not alien to her touch. He smiled to himself and held her closer. His protective arms locked in a tight embrace. She rested her head on his chest. He was breathing slow and deep. An aura of serenity hovered about them. She could hear his heartbeats and her own, so much like a single entity.

She wished that time would stand still. She wished to be in those arms forever.
She feared losing him, she feared going away from him. She could not imagine her life without him. She had forgotten those lonesome days and nights. She desired to die in those arms. She could not but help falling in love all over again...
Just like she fell in love with him, 70 years back...on the 4th of January

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