Thursday, January 20, 2011

About me

I am intelligent. I remember dates, rights, wrongs, the relevant and the irrelevant. I am better looking than some specimens around. At least, pleasant and cute. I am adventurous, curious to a limit that does not cross privacy. I am impulsive and take quick decisions and actions. I am a hard-worker, maybe a workaholic at times. I know what I want from life, what I do not. Whom I like, whom I detest. I belong to everyone and yet to no one. I am patient and persevering. I am judgmental and intuitive. I love exploring the mysterious and the unknown. I have the knack of falling into trouble. I am optimistic at heart. I keep hoping until I regret it.

I talk to myself in this fake world of masked mortals. I keep searching and yet I don’t find. Myself.

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