Friday, December 17, 2010

(You'd better) get well soon!

Mohurram today, but no holiday at work. Couldn't make it yesterday. Fever, diarrhoea, vomiting... and I still dont know what dish that I ate led to it. There are two things I hate about my body - my digestive system and my immunity - as weak as ever. I have a reason to not be fond of vada pavs inspite of being a Mumbaikar...they trigger nausea (absurd!). To add to it lactose intolerance :P

Anand Mela tomorrow and a lot of other eventful happenings. My cousin leaves, I meet someone special after ages and we spend the whole day together and what not! But this is the right age for all this I guess ;-)
I'd better be in good health tomorrow or I will regret it bigtime.

One more week of internship left. Handed in all my work. Alas! for the movie, I think it's only gonna be restricted to the promo. And coz' I still love editing, I will make sure I make one in Semester 4... not for an organization, but for myself.

Time to ask for a new task to keep me busy all day and maybe whole of next week.

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