Friday, December 31, 2010

The world through my eyes

I got my new lenses ^_^
They are softer than the earlier ones. Can't even feel that I am wearing them. This time its the same number in both my eyes, so even if they get interchanged, its 'No Problemo!!'

I started off with a large number, not thanks to heredity, but ignorance. I hated specs and I just didn't want them. The number went higher and higher (must be all those sewing and knitting classes we had at school. I was not much of a TV or Computer person). My school had regular medical check ups. I needed specs finally at 6/24 vision. They arrived at the advent of 10th standard. When I wore them for the first time, the world seemed clearer. I felt walls were flying and objects floating. That subsided after a week. My first pair of glasses was amazing. I sat and slept on them...they never broke. But one fine day, they fell 3 floors and that was the end of them. They lasted a good 2 years. Newer frames and glasses were shortlived. I wondered, had I become more clumsy or had the quality of the optometrist sunk?

I moved on... thanks to a number of soft lenses.
And if you think they are the are wrong. The pain and irritation in those initial days is annoying. Once you get the hang of them, you feel nothing at all. The clarity is so much better than specs because they cover the entire iris. However carrying around that bottle of lens solution can be quite a bother. I introduced a couple of my friends to lenses, taught them how to wear and maintain them. The teaching bit is fun too! And coloured lenses are 'tres chic'! ;-)

Whoever invented them... Hats off!!
As Bausch and Lomb rightly quips, "Confidence, contacts and me" :P :D

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