Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's in a name?

Lunching' with office colleagues and bosses, the topic for the day was 'names'. Where do we get our names from? What do our parents have in mind while assigning those collection of alphabets that would later be pronounced as our 'identity'?

Some freaky examples

Names have meanings too. My name is defined in the dictionary as a wine.
I remember this dialogue from the movie Khosla ka Ghosla "Papa aap toh sar se paun tak Kamalkishore lagte ho, par main aapko kaunsi angle se Chiraunjilal lagta hun? Chiraunji toh khaane ki cheez hoti hai... Papa mujhe apna naam badalna hai..."

My company CEO narrated an incident on where she shared a dais with a girl called Vikas and a guy named Parul.

If you have crossed the hurdle of gender, the pronounciation pops in. How does one pronounce Bengali names like Arghya (orgho), Sourya (Shorjo) or many other "A for orange" category names?
A name like mine is mispelt and consequently mispronounced when written in Devnagari. Ever heard the Englishmen rendering a running commentry during an Indian cricket match? They make Bhajji sound like bhaaji (vegetables in marathi) or Ganguly sound like 'gang'-ooo-'lee'!

Some surnames are derived from jobs. Deshmukhs as the heads and Yadavs as landowners. If taken literally, what would a Screwwaala, Batliwaala or Pandit be treated as?

We as Indians get really innovative with names!
We consult Godmen to determine the first alphabet, we have 'naming ceremonies', even a change in the name requires publishing in newspapers about the change 'vide gazette so and so'.

Seriuosly, what's in a name?

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