Thursday, December 9, 2010

A weird 9th of December

Feel like a pirate with an eye bandaged and shut. Had my chalazion surgery today. Unexpected events striking me today. Movie is finally seeming to work out, a surprise surgery thanks to dad, a strange dream on a certain 'mahal' and a Maharani whose name I would be googling to know if she ever existed...Strangely I saw my laptop also in that dream :P

The OT (Operation Theatre) and its procedures are scary. Admission, consent forms, hospital uniforms and caps. Pretty cold in there too. Those green bedsheets are even more freaky. The Bawa doctor was very sweet!! He talked throughout the procedure, used really thin needles and anaesthesised me pretty well... I could not feel the clamps, the scissors or any thing else. I told him I have a tendency to yell... thankfully he did not give me a chance to. A patient doctor really makes a huge difference!  And then came the 4 hour wait in the ward...sleeping or listening to music. Really comfy blanket though. Had an awesome nap there ;-)

Moral of the story, don't let surgeries or OT's scare you. The real trouble begins when that numbing anaesthesia wears off and you realize the presence of those cuts and bruises. Ouch!! that's bad...

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