Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tweet tweet

So what happens when you have an assignment related to marketing and you hate the subject to the core?

I have to work on a programme called 'My Kartavya' by Nasscom Foundation. Basically work towards popularising it. Making it big (maybe like the 'jaago re' awareness campaign) and making it relevant to the people who have volunteered and acknowledging their work publicly... all online.

I had not logged into Linkedin in ages. Almost forgot tweeting on twitter. My life was all on Facebook or maybe Gtalk. And how can I forget my beloved Blogspot. I disowned the spammy Yahoo and Orkut ages ago. Social Networking has kind of become a part of my work, not exactly...but exploring features on social networking sites has. So Linked In and Twitter is alive again ;-)

I need some sound sleep. Kids don't let you sleep at night, and we as working adults can't sleep during daytime. Don't feel fresh and alive today. And the cold is getting to me. Since when did winter start making its presence felt in Mumbai?

I am still dying to make that movie...why don't things work when you really want them to?
Why don't you get that email when you anxiously await it ? (its more than a month now)
Wonder who is sleeping, who is passive, and why :P

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