Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TV hai ya Torture?

There are some channels I strongly feel should be outright 'banned'.

India TV: They call it a news channel. And it is supposedly ranking first in viewership. Magic shows, fake exaggerated controversies, overrated statements, making mountains outta molehills, scary looking (and sounding) anchors. How come our very scientific 'Indian Government and Broadcast Ministry' never thought of banning this news channel that spreads superstition and fear?
Why even Aaj Tak and IBN7 have assumed its footsteps. Star News may seem saner, but its nothing better. What in the world is wrong with these Hindi news channels? Where is the news? Try hearing the Hindi news on AIR. It is a crisp brief sentence that states news rather than opining and giving facts a biased tone and emotion.
DD, thank God you exist!!

Colors: Ok housewives love you! But you don't make sense anymore. If English series have seasons, our Indian soaps have leaps...and mind you, unnecessarily 'dragging' a show. Does 'Balika Vadhu' still portray child marriage? Does '......is des laado' (whatever) still harp on the ills of female infanticide? What is Bigg Boss trying to prove? I just came across a community on FB that reads as 'Veena Mallik is a s**t'. And it has many Pakistani followers to it. And marriages on TV WITH the Suhaag Raat!

High TRPs for these channels! I feel like pinching myself.

There are many more...but today I'm in a mood to criticize just these two...

Housewives sleeping with make up on, slow motion movements, silly background tracks, repeatedly turning heads... the ads in between sound more sensible.
And the majority calls it entertainment!! :P

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