Sunday, December 26, 2010


Bikes! I love them so much that I hate cars.
Imagine driving at 100kmph on Eastern Express highway after 9pm. Or an empty well-lit Bandra link road. Imagine driving a Yezdi!

Today's post is dedicated to my 22 year old Yezdi, Tiger!

Tiger came before I was born. Tiger came before mom and dad got married. Tiger came because dad was crazy about Yezdis and he knew he wanted one of his own. Tiger was his first huge investment. Tiger is a family member. Tiger is our li'l baby.
There are times when it refuses to start and I gently pat its head. And it starts on the next kick. There are times I draw a cross on its head with the Fire temple ash. There are times when I love bathing it on Sundays, painting its number plate (that's rare!). Every year October 7th is Tiger's birthday. Dad got it that fine day in 1988.
I tried riding Tiger. I can now manage to kickstart it on my own and handle the gears and the clutch. My foot barely touches the ground when I sit on it, balancing 144 kg is tough! With dad as pillion, I ride my first love of biking all over the peaceful colony roads.
Kind of surprising to see a girl riding a Yezdi... got those comments from a few male classmates who saw me :P

Waiting for the day when I will go on my first date with Tiger! Just the two of us! ;-)

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Aprajita said...

Even I would love to meet Tiger ;)

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