Thursday, December 23, 2010

The story of December 18th

The story of December 18th did not really start on the said date. It started somewhere maybe in the autumn when the winter was drifting away. It was followed by the mellow spring, the hottest summer, the lashing rains and then winter came yet again. It had a snobbish start which melted away to peaceful conversations. Time stood still, maybe even flew for some moments. Places became memorable, songs defined situations. While people around gave subtle hints, ignorance was bliss. The cold blizzard brought together two fiery hearts, in hiding. The news spread like wildfire. Passionate days and nights of memories... of laughters, of tears, of joys, of sorrows, of trials and tribulations, of fun and celebrations...some lone, some spent on others. When separation beckoned, there was fear, but distance indeed makes the heart grow fonder. It grew stronger with time, it still grows, it's growing this very moment as you read. Through thick and thin, they made their way. Walking untrodden paths, when one fell, the other held on. Meant for many a lifetimes. Made, rather born for each other.
A common identity, a common meaning, sought and achieved. Some shared dreams, some lived realities. They were strangers no more...

Yet why did it seem like they were strangers getting to know each other that fine day?
That fine day of December 18th, when it happened all over again ;-)

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