Sunday, December 19, 2010


That little corner where you are all by yourself. That little area where privacy thrives and interference seldom exists. We crib when someone encroaches our space. We go crazy if we don't get that little 'me' time.
I recently had guests over for a week's stay. Yes, I loved them, but I had lost something. Privacy in my own house. Divided attention from parents. Lack of sleep. Lack of peace. Watching your parents slog for their good treatment, without them even offering to help (what about etiquette?). At one stage, I found office more peaceful and homely. Guests are not something I would look forward to...not when I return home after months and need my parents and my space to myself.

I get a lot of 'me' time in Pune. Also a lot of freedom to live life on my own terms. However it's all the opposite once I get back home. Agreed, there is home cooked food, there is 'your own family', there is 'your own city', there are your 'long time friends'. There is a TV, there is a less hectic schedule, there are liberal sleep timings. But there are times when you wish to break free and go back to that world where no one interferes. Addicted to freedom? Maybe.

So, why no blogpost yesterday?
It was too special a day to put into a few words and call it a daily post. I would prefer to call it a story, an 'endless' one.
I will post 'The story of December 18th' ...soon! ;-)
Till then... Happy reading!

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Anupam Singh said...

very well written sherry, didn know dat u have improved soo much.. :)

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