Thursday, December 30, 2010


Women love shopping they say.

But a teenage girl should avoid choosing her mom as a shopping companion. Difference in tastes can drive you up the wall. Colours, fits, what looks good, what does not, maybe totally different's malls offer such variety. When I am on such a spree with my parents, I prefer trolley pushing. And if they are really huge! it can be a quite a royal pain in the foot. If there was a suggestion box around, I would've dropped a chit saying "We need benches, apart from the home furniture section" :P

Was at RCity today. It claims to be Mumbai's largest mall. But so does InOrbit and RMall. Lovely interiors, amazing brand names adorning different sections, Christmas decorations all around and a food stall at every alternate block. A good place to pamper and treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle. Best bit... close to home ;-)

Shopping malls can be really tempting places...and with festive offers on the cards...
Wonder what Santa's helper, Jingles would have felt like! Malls would be a one-spot stop to grab all those gifts and goodies for believers...


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