Sunday, December 5, 2010

Politics today

Recently all of us dutiful and law-abiding citizens have witnessed an unprecedented  upsurge in the number of juvenile politicos. But is this a constructive mutation in the political genome or is it another political gimmick? The answer varies from one candidate to another. There are some who accept that India is a democracy and subsequently a public dominant country. But there are also some, who aim to dominate both the country and the public. The former catalyses the developmental process, but the latter makes matters worse.
            What is a young politician characterized by?  Why all the hype?
 Here are some reasons:
1)    Youth are enriched with fiery beliefs.
2)    Most of them do not possess any criminal records.
3)    They are usually well-educated.
4)    They add freshness to the election process.
5)    They are quick-witted and take instantaneous decisions.
6)    They are more tolerant to people’s grievances.
7)    Barring a few megalomaniacs, covetous sentiments are a rarity in them.
8)    Compared to quiescent old ‘Netas’, they are embodied with zest and zeal to execute tasks.
9)    Their sense of conviction appeals to the masses.
10) Good looks and a charming personality are an icing on the cake.
The above stated ‘Dus Bahaane’ indicate that positive change is a sure shot phenomenon. However juvenile politicians are also plagued by evils like immaturity, impulsiveness and aggression. What about that?

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