Friday, December 10, 2010

Random thoughts at my workdesk

I have been working on Photoshop since morning. Explored lots of new tools and commands today. No wonder photo-editing is so amazing! So I was given this map of India. I had to mark out the districts that have NKN (Nasscom Knowledge Centre) centres. Over around 10 states. Fun!!

So, PS5 extended is finally proving to be useful. I have another 2 weeks more of internship. A movie to get sanctioned and shot. For some reason, I'm being very optimistic. I know this is gonna work. This movie is gonna happen... I will make it happen!
My hands are itching to work on Premier Pro.
Ahh!! I miss smileys on blogspot. Specially the one with horns and halos

My eyes hurt. High on Combiflam. But I am enjoying work. Its like, "Finally, I have something to do." No I am not a workaholic, just bored of leisure and free time. I have a research report to make as well. Thinking of working this weekend at home. Once that report is done, my boss will be 'compelled' not to make me research more and focus more on the movie ;-)

Wish we had psychology in Semester 3, would be exciting to dissect mindsets... especially those of bosses and the corporates one works with. Which reminds me.... Theatre, Psychology, Geography, Indian History =*
Semester 4 = yipppppppppppeeeeeeeee!! :D

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