Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The prodigal pal

Hostel life maybe sickening, really sickening...if it had not been for you
Today's post is dedicated to my girlfriends (don't take the literal meaning) - Trisha Das ( Momma), Kamalini Mukherjee (Kombdi) and a runaway bride who was once married to the hostel, Sonia Bajaj (Hateli) ;-)
I'm really missing you guys a lot today.

We may have the most pathetic food, stupid deadlines, ruined weekends on assignments and tests...but we have eachother. And before Sonia springs up and says "I am lucky"... Girl, you are missed. Terribly missed by your friends who are still stuck here. Indeed we make up for it by the slumber parties at your place.

While Trisha makes me fall in love with food, she also gives all the  motherly advice possible. I miss your cotton quilt also :P and the chai biscuit and the monginis trips. Ah!! if I ever break into a wedding, I'll make sure I take you along for company.

My roomie Kombdi may never be around, (like me) but we have our li'l lone times after 10:30pm where we discuss the day and all that happened including skipped dinners and washed clothes and flies and wi-fi and ahem (her) escapades.
Bengali has grown so dear to me... with a Das and Mukherjee around!

Sonia, thanks to you, I don't miss Mumbai, you bring it to Pune for me! The lingo, the thinking, the way of life everything... and yup maybe we could call each other soul sisters. I really would not want us to not be in touch after Symbi (like another of your weird ideas of going solo after grad). Hateli kahin kii!!

You guys indeed have a lot of patience and tolerance power when it comes to me...

Won't write more here...some things are better unsaid ;-)
Just know this that 4th Sem is gonna be a new beginning... for me, for us!! =)

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