Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of wishes and fears and acceptance

When I am no longer a mortal
I will dive into the deepest ocean sans fear of drowning
I will walk through fire coz flames would cease to touch me
I will glide ambient heights without being burdened by weight
I will explore dense jungles alone, unaffected by darkness

This could be the reason why
Life is so short

We all have our little myriad wishes. Wishes too risky to be fulfilled when alive. Fear of pain, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of grief...
So how do we manage to
  • Drive on killer roads at 80kmph at 12 midnight?
  • Board those suffocating local trains that cause majority of deaths in a city?
  • Stand in a balcony without a parapet and lean down to look for the vegetable vendor?
  • Leave the gas or geyser on unknowingly?
  • Cross the road patiently with open eyes?
Do we not know the risks? Why these could be more life threatening.

These are just a few instances. I often wonder when people say, "Don't travel by local train, there was a blast there", "Don't go to Rajabai Clocktower, someone jumped off from there", "Don't take that route, it's accident prone" could be your parents, your friends, your spouse, your office colleagues, anyone.

Fate for that matter is scripted, so is death or maybe in the safest situation possible....maybe even in sound sleep when it strikes you. Accidents can even happen at home when you light a match with the gas on.
Concern is justified. Assigning your fears to a place or an activity... does that make sense at all?

Another side of the story: We innately enjoy that concern, that possessiveness. Someone fears for us, for our safety, someone does not want to lose us. They want us safe and sound. And this feeling of being special to someone overcomes all those wishes and fears. It's not that their fears become ours, it's just an acceptance.
An acceptance that you are not alone and that someone else lives for you, lives in you  =)

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